Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some More Pictures

Here are some more pics of yesterday. I'll also post a few of us playing at the park, but there aren't many of those because I was sledding most of the time. :)

"A leaf I found on our way to the park. I thought it was a kinda neat pic."

"This is the creek that flows by our house. But this was taken further down the sidewalk."
"Just a fun pic. I was trying out different angles." :)

"B&W version of the leaf."

"I know this is kind of random to put right in the middle. :) But, Glen took this one, and I edited it."

"The same creek, but closer to the park"

"Sepia. I like trying out different things on the same pic."

"This is the bridge leading into the park."

Hope you like em.


1 comment:

  1. Wow those are beautiful! I like the sepia one, and the bridge a lot. Do y'al enter in the county fair?? You should, cause those are amazing!
    See you soon,