Friday, March 26, 2010

New Theme...

Hi Nate, (I never call you that...) :)

I wanted to let you know I changed the theme to a more Spring like one...hope you like it! Mom liked the colors.. :)

Hope to see you in a few hours, ;)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great News!

We just got accepted into the Single Mic Contest at Silver Dollar City!! We're so excited!

~Nate & Natt

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gateway Bluegrass Festival (Nate)

I think Natt covered most of what went on at Gateway, but I just wanted to share some of what I experienced.

I was really excited to go to this festival because we were going to get to see the Bankester family again, and Josh Williams.

Saturday evening we watched the Bankester's play and they did an amazing job! I bought a Martin SPD-16 TR, and Mr. Williams played it. He said it was a really good guitar. He also gave me a $35 Bluechip pick. That was very generous of him!

Then we spent the rest of the evening after the shows jamming with Kyle, Emily, and Alysha. I had a blast playing with them. Kyle is an amazing instrumentalist and can play anything. He scares me sometimes....=] Emily and Alysha have beautiful voices and play excellent twin fiddles. We played a very interesting version of "Mary Had A Little Lamb." It was more like "Mary Slaughtered Her Little Lamb." Haha.

Then, Sunday morning, the Bankester's played again and as usual it was another entertaining and great show.

After we checked out of the Hotel, we went with the Bankester's to a restaurant called Noodles & Co. They have the best noodles I have ever tasted.

It was great to get to hang out/jam with such a fun, talented, Christian family. We have been so blessed by them and by their music.

Well, I've written longer than planned....guess I better get going.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Pictures...(Gateway City Bluegrass Fest)

Coco, Emily (Bankester), and Alysha (Bankester)...some of the sweetest girls in the world! :D

Jesse Daniel (Josh Williams' mandolin player...)

Mr. Daniel showing me how to play like Adam Steffey! ;)

The Sheraton Hotel...

The clock tower in the court yard:

Josh Williams...playing Nathan's guitar!!

Looking at Nathan's pick...

Mr. Williams' bass players wife, Mr. Williams, and his banjo players wife:

That was all! Hope you enjoyed them...sorry for the poor quality. (The Blackberry cell phone. :/)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gateway City Bluegrass Festival...(Natt's point of view.)

This weekend we (The Lonesome Hill Gang), went to St. Louis for the 20th Annual Gateway Bluegrass Festival. It was really fun!! It was in a nice hotel.

We were really excited to go because The Bankester Family and The Josh Williams Band were going to be there.

We got at the hotel at about 9:30 am so everything hadn't really started yet and the Bankester's weren't there yet, so we relaxed in our hotel room and practiced until about noon. Then, we went to a Convention room in the hotel where different music stores had put out instruments and music accessories. Nathan started trying out guitars and after about an hour of playing two different Martins he bought the first one he played!! We hadn't even go to Gateway with the slightest thought of Nathan buying a guitar! :D He really likes it, and we got a really good deal...

Then we went downstairs to the concert room...we bought tickets and then we went by the JWB table and looked at his C.D.'s and things. Josh Wiliams' mandolin player was sitting at the table and asked us if we played, we said yes, and when he heard that I played mandolin he asked me if I had played a Daley mandolin before. (Of course I said no because pretty much only professional musicians use Daley's instruments, and I've never had the opportunity to play one. :)) Anyway, he said that after their first show to come by their table and play it!!!

They played an amazing show!!! Jesse Daniel (JWB's mandolin player,) is SO good!! He plays like Adam Steffey. After the show I played Mr. Daniel's mandolin a little bit and asked him if he would show me some "stuff" on the mandolin, and he said to come to the table later in the day and he would!! I was so excited. :)

Nathan finally got to meet Josh Williams! :) He played Nathan's guitar and gave Nathan a $35 pick! That was neat...Mr. Williams is really nice, so is the rest of the band.

The Bankester's got there around 4:00pm. They are the nicest and sweetest people!! And they are a ton of fun! ;) When they got there I just had time to give them a hug before I had to get my mandolin lesson from Mr. Daniel. :) He's a good teacher.

After my lesson, (which was really fun,) We watched The Bankester's and then The Josh Willams Band. Two really good concerts one right after the other! :D

The rest of Saturday evening was spent jamming with Kyle (banjo player for The Bankester's and Melissa's (bass) husband.) We played a really neat (and silly) version of "Mary Had A Little Lamb". :D That was funny!

On Sunday we watched The Bankester's play and then we went out for Lunch at Noodles & Company with The Bankester Family. It was delicious! :D

We had such a BLAST!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goings Natt


I just realized I hadn't posted in a while, so I thought I would share some things that have been going on around our place. :)

Last night we practiced for our entry DVD for the Silver Dollar City Single Mic Championship...I hope we can make a video soon so we can get in the contest!! We have a friend who's really good on the Dobro who is helping us out.We practiced from 6:00pm till 11:00pm!! It would be so fun to go to SDC, we know quite a few people that go down to Branson for the Bluegrass fest.

Also....I am going to get Mandolin lessons from Jeremy Chapman!!!! (You know, all The Chapman's songs off of their new C.D. "Grown Up" are my favorite songs!:)) It's going to be SO neat! He's really good on the mandolin...and singing for that matter. :) My first lesson is next Wednesday, I am really looking forward to it! (You might have already guessed that! ;))

I am currently reading "The Redemption Of Sarah Cain" by Beverly Lewis. It's pretty good. I still haven't finished it though. I am also reading "The God I Love" by Joni Eareckson Tada. She is a very good writer. It's her biography. For those who don't know who she is, here is a short biography:


A diving accident in 1967 left Mrs. Tada a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, unable to use her hands. During two years of rehabilitation, she spent long months learning how to paint with a brush between her teeth. Her high detail fine art paintings and prints are sought after and collected.

Due to her best-selling books, beginning with her autobiography, Joni, as well as having visited 35 countries, Joni's first name is recognized around the world. World Wide Pictures' full-length feature film, JONI, in which Mrs. Tada recreated her own life, has been translated into 15 languages and shown in scores of countries around the world.

It's wonderful that it's starting to warm up a little bit around here...I really love Spring! The wind is a little chilly today though.

The other night we watched "Northanger Abby" (2007) again. The little boys actually liked it! I was really surprised! :) They never like Jane Austen movies! Speaking of Jane Austen movies, I really liked the new Masterpiece Theater movie "Emma". It was beautiful!

Well, I guess I'd better stop rambling! (Who's going to read this anyway?) :)

May God Bless Your Day!