Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Pictures...(Gateway City Bluegrass Fest)

Coco, Emily (Bankester), and Alysha (Bankester)...some of the sweetest girls in the world! :D

Jesse Daniel (Josh Williams' mandolin player...)

Mr. Daniel showing me how to play like Adam Steffey! ;)

The Sheraton Hotel...

The clock tower in the court yard:

Josh Williams...playing Nathan's guitar!!

Looking at Nathan's pick...

Mr. Williams' bass players wife, Mr. Williams, and his banjo players wife:

That was all! Hope you enjoyed them...sorry for the poor quality. (The Blackberry cell phone. :/)


  1. I LOVE the pics of the hotel, and clock tower <3 They are really cool! Thanks for posting them!!


  2. This past weekend was such a blast! So glad we were all able to be there! And thanks for the mandolin lesson, Natalie. I'm doing my best to remember the chords by (sort of) practicing on my Violin. ;)

  3. Hey Coke's, I put the pics on our blog, if you want to check them out there.....otherwise,i will still send them to you! Have a good week=)


  4. Thanks girls! :D

    That's great Nicole! (Is it alright if I call you by your name?)

    I got my lesson yesterday, and it was very good!!