Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We (The Lonesome Hill Gang) just finished practicing! The band consists of Dad on Bass, Mom on mandolin/fiddle, Nathan on guitar, and Natalie on mandolin/fiddle. We had a better practice than usual!! We are practicing for a Pancake Breakfast in the beginning of February...not big deal, but at least it's something!

We (Nate and I) hope we can be consistent on blogging...sometimes that's hard to do! :D

So long for now!



  1. Cool. How long do you all practice?? Cool pic=D
    I will email Coco right now.


  2. Sounds like fun... :)

    Can't wait till Gateway!


  3. We usually practice for about an hour. Sometimes less though in the morning, because Dad has to go to work.

    Yeah, the Pancake Breakfast is one of those "single mic, horrible sound, noisy atmosphere places where no one listens to you", but, we'll make the most out of it. :)

    Gateway is going to be awesome.....

    Well, gotta go,

    ~Nathan~with Natalie