Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Snow.

It snowed overnight. And we now have about seven inches of snow! This morning we decided to take the sleds, and go to the park(there is a very nice hill there). I took the cell phone, and took
some pics. Hope you like them!

I still have a lot more pictures, including some sledding ones,
but I don't want to make this post too long....look out for more pics!



  1. Is the third pic down, Glen?? Was that pic posed for??

    We went sledding with brother today, and a couple of our neighbors. We for got to bring our camera, but our Mozoona, and Raheequa (the neighbors) brought theirs. I think she's gonna send me the pics, and I will post them then. We are going again tomorrow, and will make sure to bring the camera then.

    I love the pics. I still can't believe that those pics are taken with the phone. What kind do you have??


  2. Yes, that is Glen. He did pose for it, but, I had to take the pic fast because he was sliding off. So, that face he is making is partly real. =)

    Glad you like the pics. I absolutely love taking pictures and editing them. Except right now we have to take pics with our cell phone. It is a Blackberry Storm. It is a pretty nice phone, and takes pretty good pics(as you can see.)

    Well, looking forward to seeing your pics,