Sunday, January 31, 2010


These are a few more that I took of us in the park.

"A couple more pics of the bridge leading into the park."

" Natalie is so pretty. I really like this picture of her."

"This is a REALLY fun hill to sled down."

"Nat took this pic of me falling down. :)"

"Bridges are so fun to take pictures of."

" Well, this is the last of the pictures that I took yesterday."

Hope you like them! And keep checking back for more, Nat will be posting some of her own pictures too.


1 comment:

  1. agreed, Natalie is BEAUTIFUL! It was so fun with y'al at panera!! Josh and I really can't wait to play with you more and hopefully we can do it a bunch this summer. Y'al are soo's kinda scary:D I was terrified first time I played with y'al!! :D
    It's really fun getting to know your family better. Hopefully see you soon!