Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thoughts & "Renovation"

...I just finished "renovating" a room upstairs. Glen had used for his bedroom before it got so hot, he moved to where Gage slept. So the room had been empty all summer. Well, I put in 3 large chars, two small book shelves (I put all our books in them), a small table and a trash can. It's very cozy now, especially since it's cloudy and starting to drizzle. I'm hoping not only to have a cozy place to read and serf the internet, but also to encourage more reading in my two younger brothers! Maybe we'll even get to re-paint it! (Right now it's red and orange...not exactly fit for a reading room. ;))

So there are my thoughts today... cleaning really relaxes and calms me....I don't know why, I'm weird! :D

God bless and have a great rest of the day!

-Natt (P.S. I didn't take that picture, I got it from flickr. :))

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